Week 5 (persona)

What a persona is?

A persona is a representation of a particular customer segment for a websit/product/service you are design, kinds of qualitative and quantitative research is the basic thing of a persona. It captures a persona’smotivations, frustrations and the “essence”of who they are. ( Available: http://theuxreview.co.uk/personas-the-beginners-guide/ ) In other words, a persona is a way to model, summarize and communicate research about people who have been observed or researched in some way. ( Available: http://www.smashingmagazine.com ) The persona is focusing on user and their needs.

What makes a good persona?

Personally, a good persona include customer’s occupation, device, time and goal. Designers should know consumer’s work, what they use, what time and where they use. For example,expersona_jill


This persona include the user’s name, some personal information, bio, personality, brands, goals, frustration, motivations and technology. In addition, there are many things should be contained in a persona:

  • A person’s goals
  • A person’s motivations for using it
  • A person’s current pain points.
  • Some demographic data such as age/location/sex
  • A quote that captures their attitude in general
  •  Aperson’s background
  • A person’s technical ability along with which devices they use and how often
  • Other things they may like

(Available: http://theuxreview.co.uk)

I think there are two ways to get these informations. Firstly, designers can communacate with client, by this way, you can get some customer marketing informations. Secondly, designers can speak to users, to interview them.Then you can get some useful qualitative data.

Why persona might be  useful to a design team?

I believe a persona can connect designers and users.It also can communicate information from market research, usability test, prototypes to all participants in design project. persona is a easy way to know the user’s need.

Persona is based on real user, it can helps designers understand who will actually be using your products,  not just guess who is the audience and their need. Persona can be used to make key design and functionality decisions during the UX process. (Available: http://theuxreview.co.uk)

 the personas will help designers maintain the perspective of the users. The moment the designers begin to imagine how a possible product is to be used by a persona, ideas will emerge. Thus, I maintain that the actual purpose of the method is not the persona descriptions, but the ability to imagine the product.

Here is a persona I made after science museum interview. The user is a 7 years old boy, I called he Simon.


Any criticisms of this method

The traditional use of scenarios is criticized for lacking clarity and consistency in the user descriptions.(Grudin & Pruitt, 2002) Because the persona descriptions have fictitious elements, some find it difficult to see the relationship with real users and the way that the data used is collected and analysed. The method has additionally been criticized for not being able to describe actual people as it only depicts characteristics.



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